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Nadia Maria Fischer

Born in Cologne, Germany, in 1964
Grew up in Tehran, Iran (1969-1974)

Studied jazz and popular music at Cologne Conservatory (Musikhochschule Köln) ... (1987-1993): Active as a freelance singer, arranger and composer etc. ...

Since 1989, concerts, tours, festivals, bands and projects...

Has released or contributed to a number of CDs since 1991...

Has worked together with – to name but a few – Johnny Clegg and Savouka, Simon Phillips, Jack Bruce, Ziggy Marley, Jerry van Reuen and the WDR Big Band, Celine Rudolph, Francesca Simone, Walter Dahn, Werner Neumann, Claus Fischer, Thomas Heberer, Axel Heilhecker, Frank Köllges, Dal Martino, Dietmar Fuhr...

Has taught since 1992, working with choirs, singers, actors and children. Presently teaches jazz and popular song, vocal harmonies and performance at the Carl Maria von Weber Conservatory in Dresden...

2004 solo debut album ‘Talk’ musik released in September 2005 on Double Moon Records as part of the Jazz Thing Next Generation series.


Since 1993






  Studies of different vocal techniques and methods:

Functional vocal training –
with Johannes Quistorp

Summer seminar in functional vocal training and the Feldenkrais method – with Professor Eugen Rabine

Voice lessons according to the Roy Hart Theatre method – with Paul Silber

Rhythm training at the Remscheid Academy – with Barbara Schulze

Classical vocal training –
with Helene Ziehart

Integrative vocal training seminar – with Romeo Alavi Kia