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Nadia Maria Fischer (vocals)
Norbert Scholly (guitar)...

Nadia Maria Fischer has been working with Cologne-based guitarist Norbert Scholly since 2002. What initially began as an spontaneous session at a party quickly developed into a solid artistic partnership.

Together, they worked primarily on original compositions by Nadia Maria Fischer, but also on cover versions such as Steve Winwood’s “Can’t Find My Way Home” or Abbey Lincoln’s “Throw It Away”.

Their work is characterised by individual and unconventional arrangements, and by songs and moods of immense intensity and depth. From unhurried minimalism – “Pop performed with rare laconism [...] loneliness has never sounded this good …” (Frankfurter Allgemeine) – to powerful, bluesy rhythms.

Both Norbert Scholly and Nadia Maria Fischer make inventive use of effects and loops, with voices and lines emerging out of thin air and coming together. They also conjure up diverse grooves and atmospheres, “…until the individual lines merge into a hypnotic, swirling whole – deep, dreamlike and utterly compelling.” (Nürnberger Nachrichten 5/06)

With a multi-octave range, Nadia Maria Fischer's voice moves effortlessly through the various styles and sounds. While plumbing the depths of human emotion in her songs, she creates soundscapes of inner worlds and emotional journeys.

Disarming and openhearted, ranging from pensiveness to tongue-in-cheek humour, from unrestrained joy to stripped-bare emotion – all issuing a personal invitation to the listener to participate.

Norbert Scholly provides a classy yet unconventional accompaniment to Nadia Maria Fischer’s vocals, his virtuosity and acute feel for space and sound ensuring that his partner “always has enough wind beneath her wings during her weightless flights between jazz, blues and pop.” (Roth-Hilpolsteiner Volkszeitung 6/06).


Norbert Scholly

1985 Winner of the European Jazz Competition as best soloist

Since 1985 has played guitar in many different radio, TV and CD productions, increased involvement with electronic music since 2000.

2001 Jazz Art winner with ‘Box of Toads’
Has worked with artists such as:

Larry Corryell, David Liebmann, Charlie Mariano, Dusco Goykovich, Peter Erskine, Benny Golson, WDR Bigband, featuring Nikolas Simeon Quartett, comp/arr. Bill Dobbins, SSH feat. Thomas Heberer/ Frank Schulte, Bits and Pieces, etc… th-Hilpolsteiner Volkszeitung 6/06).

Norbert Scholly - www.norbertscholly.de Norbert Scholly