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Nadia Maria Fischer

Nadia Maria Fischer has been lauded by the press as “an exceptional vocalist” and as the “newest star in the musical night sky”. When her solo debut was released in September 2005 by Double Moon Records as part of the “Jazz Thing Next Generation” series, it was hailed as the “big surprise of the year”. Her debut album ‘Talk’, recorded together with guitarist Norbert Scholly and bassist Dietmar Fuhr, was described as an “aural gem” by German broadsheet Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in October 2005.

Having showcased the album live last year as a trio, Nadia Maria Fischer is now working as a duo with longstanding musical partner, guitarist Norbert Scholly. Since 2002, the duo have been playing their highly individual and unconventional arrangements mostly of original compositions by Nadia Maria Fischer, but also of cover versions, such as Steve Winwood’s “Can’t Find My Way Home” or the Abbey Lincoln classic “Throw It Away”. Their music ranges from unhurried minimalism to powerful, bluesy rhythms or poetic depth, characterised by a demure melancholy – forceful, authentic and with a rare intensity.

Both Norbert Scholly and Nadia Maria Fischer make inventive use of effects and loops, with voices and lines emerging out of thin air and intertwining, producing grooves, scenes and atmospheres, “…until the individual lines merge into a hypnotic swirling whole – deep, dreamlike and utterly compelling.” (Nürnberger Nachrichten 5/06)

With a multi-octave range, Nadia Maria Fischer's voice moves effortlessly through the various styles and sounds. While plumbing the depths of human emotion in her songs, she creates soundscapes of inner worlds and emotional journeys.

Disarming and openhearted, ranging from pensiveness to tongue-in-cheek humour and from unrestrained joyousness to stripped-bare emotion – all inviting the listener to share the experience.

Norbert Scholly provides a classy yet unconventional accompaniment to Nadia Maria Fischer’s vocals, his virtuosity and acute feel for space and sound ensuring that his partner “always has enough wind beneath her wings during her weightless flights between jazz, blues and pop.” (Roth-Hilpolsteiner Volkszeitung 6/06).

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“Sometimes all a record needs to reach its listeners is a human voice interplaying with just one or two instruments – a prime example is this aural gem from singer Nadia Maria Fischer.” (Rolf Thomas, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 1 October 2005)

“Her debut album ‘Talk’ is one of the big surprises of 2005. Not only because she writes nearly all of her own material, but also because she has the courage to record a CD with just vocals, guitar and bass. And because she can sing … with a voice that masters jazz, soul, pop and blues, with a timbre and vocal range that makes you sit up and take notice. ‘Talk’, recorded together with bassist Dietmar Fuhr and guitarist Norbert Scholly, will leave you lost for words: a superb debut.” (A. Zeh, Jazzpodium, March 2006)

“Melodies that reach the heart via the soul, and a voice that loves both darkness and sunshine.” (Martin Woltersdorf, Kölner Stadtanzeiger 19/20 November 2005)

“…An outstanding debut. Above all, it is Fischer’s individuality and personality that makes her stand out from the chorus of new, young voices on the vocal jazz scene over the last three or four years … respect!” (Ralf Dombrovski, Stereoplay, October 2005)

“Nadia Maria Fischer sings about her life and love(s). So disarmingly openhearted that we are compelled to listen to her – whether we want to or not. It is this intimate approach that entices us into her work. A mental picture that is a thousand miles away from autobiographical lachrymose. “(Karsten Mützelfeld in his Notizen aus dem Niemandsland column, Jazz Thing, September 2005)

“ … It is this singer’s original material that demonstrates her outstanding ability as a songwriter ...” (Hans Appel, CD review).

“...Laid-back and utterly free of forced modernity, this CD becomes more of a gem with every listen – particularly since it closes with two classics of breezy optimism: ‘Feeling Good’ and Abbey Lincoln’s ‘Throw It Away’.” (Akustik Gitarre April/May 2006)

“… A stunning CD.” (Noisy Neighbours no. 15)

“…Together with bassist Dietmar Fuhr and guitarist Norbert Scholly, the singer plumbs the depths of the human soul with simplicity and a rare intensity.” (Jazzthetik, September 2005)

“...The ability to marry styles with such a consistently high standard is something of a rarity here in Germany these days.” (Nürnberger Nachrichten, 29 May 2006)

“[...] Norbert Scholly [...] is a vital part of the process, ensuring that vocalist Fischer always has enough wind beneath her wings during her weightless flights between jazz, blues and pop.” (Roth-Hilpolsteiner Volkszeitung September 2006).